Celebrate Dance 2011 - Press

“While it is almost unfair to pick a stand-out performance from such a collective display of creative talents, special mention must go to Monat Dance for showing strong classical lines and elegant, ballet-based modern choreography in Beyond the Edge. Never confusing technique with artistry, the company danced with the musicality of Ailey, the refreshing modernism of the Joffrey, and with perfectly synchronized, artistic details of heads, arms and hands moving as one, the unique and total togetherness of London's Royal Ballet corps.”

Lisa Kato…The Daily Fitchett…The 6th Annual Celebrate Dance Festival, Los Angeles.


“In Monat Dance's "Beyond the Edge," jewel-toned dresses set the jubilant tone of a beaming ballet ensemble. These fresh-faced performers conveyed a sense of joy through their classical ballet vocabulary infused with a thoroughly modern mood. It was hard not to find yourself smiling back at them – the piece felt like a true celebration of dance.”

Rachel Levin……Celebrate Dance 2011-Yes, They Can!


Celebrate Dance 2011 Interview